How You Will Bag Bigger Bucks Without Working Extra Hours

Everyone knows it would be great to have customers literally throwing their money at you.
I’m just curious, are you interested in discovering how to massively increase your income without having to work more shifts?
Do you wish you knew the rights words to say and and moves to make so that your customers want to hand you their hard earned cash?
Are you tired of working long and painful hours day in and day out.  For a tiny pay check that sees you struggling month after month?
Well, I’ve been there before.
I know the frustration that comes from working your butt off and have so little to show for it.PBK7lowres
I know how it feels to jealously watch others count their tips for the night.
I know the confusion of having no idea that I had no idea why I wasn’t getting tipped.
At first I hoped that things would change.  But then I realised nothing would change unless I changed.
Most people know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.
Different results require different actions.  Better results require better actions.
If I was getting stiffed over and over again, while others were getting bigger and bigger tips, maybe it was me.
I spent countless dollars and hours learning how to earn bigger tips.  It took me into the fields of human psychology, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, neuroassociative conditioning, sales strategies, body language and fine dining service.  As I learnt something new, I tested it and refined it so that eventually things just fell into place.
The things I learnt allowed me to overcome many of the hurdles you are facing.
I enjoy helping people and you will be happy to know that part proceeds for Triple My Tips goes to charity- kids cancer charities if you must know.  Most successful people know that through helping others we find the greatest rewards.
I want to share with you what took me over a decade to learn so that you won’t need to spend the same time and money that I did.  You would not believe the amount of time and money I have spent on educating myself.
Look at this safe.  I want you to imagine that inside the safe in a million dollars.  If you had that million dollars how would you spend it?  Fancy car, beautiful house, take your friends and family on an awesome vacation?
The only thing standing between you and the million dollars is the three digit combination.
What are your options to crack the code?  There is the trial and error option- you could test every combination 1-1-1 all the way through to 99-99-99.  Do you spin it clockwise first?  Or is it anti clock wise? It could take you days, maybe even years- if you ever figured it out!
But what if while you were painfully trying to crack the code, someone walked by, tapped you on the shoulder and told you they had already figured out the code.  Would you continue to waste more time hoping?  Or would you just ask them to share their secret?
Everyone knows that time is money.  But time is also opportunity- opportunity to be with your friends, family and enjoying life.  So why would you waste years of your life trying to figure things out for yourself.  Especially when I’m offering your a full money back guarantee
I used all the knowledge I accumulated from learning and testing and packaged them into my simple 3 step system.  My system will transform you into a tips attracting magnet.  You will pull more cash from your customers than you have ever done before.  I guarantee it.
I will teach you strategies and tactics so that all you have to do is apply them and start figuring out how you are going to spend your extra cash.
You will discover how you can secretly connect with your customers and set yourself up for a big tip from the moment they walk in the door.   When you use my Triple S Suggestive Selling System customers will want to order more drinks and food just because you asked- the right way.  Your ability to anticipate and coordinate a Platinum dining experience for your customers will leave them speechless and your wallet bulging.
Before we move on, let me answer some of your questions.
1. But what if I’ve never worked in a restaurant before?
Then this is the perfect place to start as you won’t have to unlearn bad habits.  When you usethe communication secrets of my “Communication Cocktail” managers will want to hire you.  You might also find also find yourself moving to a higher paying job faster than you imagined.
2. Are you just going to teach me how to carry plates and clear work ed low resdishes?
There are plenty of places for you to learn these basics.  We are taking you to another level.  You will learn skills and ways of doing things that you probably have never ever encountered before.
3. I’ve worked as a waiter for over 10 years.  What can you teach me that I don’t already know?
If you are that experienced and are doing well financially then you don’t need my stuff.  Many people use the skills I teach to take their career paths to much higher paying fields.  Mostly when people become more valuable, managers and companies recognise this and pay them handsomely.
4. What countries does this work in?
My system was created for use in establishments that serves customers used to a western style of service.  It’s perfect for you if you work in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Europe.
5. What if it just doesn’t work for me?
Then I want you to have your money back.  There are two types of people in this world- Victims and Winners.  Victims make excuses- you don’t get paid for making excuses.  Winners take action and get results.  Which group do you WANT to belong to?
Imagine counting all those extra tips at the end of your shift day after day night after night.  You will probably be wondering how much money you could have made had you had the skills and knowledge all along.  You will have the satisfaction that you are simply working SMARTER rather than working HARDER.
When I was making more money than the other waiters they asked me to share my secrets with them.  They couldn’t believe how easy it was.  Everyone couldn’t believe that just a few simple skills made them appear so much more valuable in their customers’ eyes.   They were people just like you with families like yours.  Back then I had tactics but this is the first time I have put it all together into a simple and straight forward system.  The system that literally tripled my tips.
What you get in my system:
My system has 3 parts to transform you into a Tips Magnet
In Part 1- “Pack Your Magnet” you will learn why the Golden Rule is WRONG, how to commit9435665_ml to turning Platinum and being awesome.
Part 2- “Point Your Magnet” will empower you with the ninja-like communication skills that will make you stand out from the moment you lay eyes on your customer.  You will know how to use your body and words in a way no one has shown you before.
Part 3- “Power Up Your Magnet” gives you the training to anticipate and coordinate the ultimate dining experience.  Using my “Triple S” Suggestive Selling System your customers will be ordering BIG.  Everyone knows bigger orders mean bigger tips for you.
An extra gift!  You also get my 2 week email training where I will build on the material you are reading in the download.  People say these coaching emails itself is worth more than the cost of the my system.  Take it as a free bonus.
What is a few hours of your time worth?
It took me years to learn the strategies that you can learn in just a few hours of reading and practice.  What if implementing what you learn increased you income by just $5 per hour?  Over the course of a 20 hour week thats well over $5000 per year.  Every year.  For the rest of your life.  That’s called working SMART.
Everybody knows that the best investment you can absolutely make is the investment you make in YOURSELF.
Today you can get this system for just $27.  A system like this with over 140 pages including custom pictures I had made could easily sell for $99.  This price is my introductory offer to welcome 2015.  Will you make this year better than last year?
The offer is for a limited time and price will absolutely be going up very soon.stopwatch
It’s your chance to embrace my gift of knowledge to you.  If you scored just $5 an hour more, you would have paid off this investment in yourself many times over.
Obviously, today you have 2 choices- walk away and do what you’ve always done and get the same result.  Or, you can make the decision that will boost your income in a way that you never imagined.  You will bring more money into your life and give you the opportunity to spend time with the people you care about.  The choice is up to you.  Are you a Victim or are you a Winner?
Others have succeeded and I am so sure you will pocket bigger bucks from your new skills that I am giving you a money back guarantee.  That’s how much faith I have in YOU.
I take all the risk.  Try my system for 60 days and if you can’t make it work for you then I want you to have your money back.  My only hope is that you find a more abundant and successful future.
If you have decided that you are worth more that what you are currently earning.  If you want to function at a higher level and want the respect of other then take action right now.
Click this button now and prepare your mind for the killer strategies and tactics you are about to learn.
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